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The Three Silent Threats – And How To Use A Will To Plan Against Them
My 20 page Ebook explains precisely how every year thousands of families in the UK lose significant amounts of inheritance to Inheritance Tax, Care Fees and Unnecessary Claims.
Inheritance Tax
Discover how Inheritance Tax is calculated and how people like you can put simple strategies in place to reduce and even eliminate Inheritance Tax completely!
Care Fees
Paying for Care Fees is NOT inevitable. I explain how Care Fees are assessed and what you can do in your planning to protect as much as your Estate as possible.
Legal Claims
Its not enough just to leave someone out of your Will if they have a claim, I explain how legal claims work and what YOU need to do now to stop them being successful.
My Secret Strategy Revealed
Finally, I spill the beans on the amazing strategy (which is completely LEGAL) that will protect your home and money for the benefit of those you love the most.